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About Us

Community Youth London (CYL) is an independent music and media charity which manages a variety of community-based services and initiatives, the majority of which are youth-oriented and led. 


Our charity became operational in January 2007 and quickly gained a positive reputation for our targeted work with young people, our approach to diversity and our innovative services. Since inception, CYL has grown from a vision to a reputable charity with an impressive track record and a growing database of over 47,000+ young people who work in London and the UK. 


Taking a multi agency approach towards addressing the needs of young people who are often marginalised, excluded or hard to reach. Our community partnerships have included:


YMCA Trinity

Safe Zones



Mayor's Office

Home Office

Lewisham Council

Southwark Council


Lloyds TSB

Primary Care Trust


We have received much recognition for our work and achievements; CYL has won an award for Best Creative Community Group (BBI Southwark) and the Government New Technology award alongside Lambeth Youth Services for the use of social media. We have gained both support and coverage from these media outlets: 





Channel 4


Discovery Channel

The Sunday Times

South London Press


Most known for not only artist and talent development, which has led to the recent launch of Community Youth Records (CYR), CYL has a number of city/town based hubs which are being developed to replicate the tried and tested youth led approach to youth engagement, training development, and support services.

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