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The SafeZone initiative was founded by two members of the local community that

felt the emotional impact of violent images being shared across social media platforms, it was effecting how the adults were looking at young people and perpetuating and glorifying further violence. 


The members recognised the disconnect between young people and parents, the educational system, alternative school services, grassroots organisations, and the way the broader community view and interact with them.


Both founders were already part of a WhatsApp community group that included many of its community members, the local WhatsApp group have contributed amazing ideas and proposals to better the lives of the young people in the community. We have already seen some amazing results from some of the ideas put forward.

One of the standout ideas being TheSafeZone Initiative.



SafeZones aims to bring together the solutions by creating a template, where community networks are developed across the country and by providing bespoke training and delivery programmes to each SafeZone location.


The SafeZones USP includes but is not limited to:

• Grass Roots Community Network

• Cross Country Partnerships

• Multi Agency Approach - Shared Experiences

• Mental Well Being - Mindfulness Experts

• Access to hard to reach/community groups

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