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CYL has all of the necessary policies and procedures in place in order to deliver the services that we provide. All policies are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure our charity remains in line with both local and national Government requirements.

Please click any of the boxes below in order to view the policy in a readable PDF format.


Child and Adult safeguarding policy

General Risk Assessment

Staff CRB

 Disclosure information policy

Data Protection policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Data Protection Policy and Code of Practice

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Police Statement 

Health & Safety Policy

Every Child Matters Policy

Inclusion Policy

Bulling Policy

Racial Harassment Policy

Environmental Policy

Internet Policy

Building and Studio Rules

Letting of Premises Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Positive DBS Decision Form

Complaint Procedure

Procedure for Handling a Positive DBS 

Disciplinary Procedure

CCTV Policy

Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

Use of Alcohol, Drugs, and Firearms Policy

Children and Young People Participation Policy

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