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CYL alongside The Digital Holdings has created a range of media-related accredited courses available to students aged 13-25. At 3 difficulty levels under the Arts Award and AQA accreditation frameworks. All courses and projects are subject to robust monitoring and evaluation processes. Courses on offer include:

  • Song Writing and Music Production

  • Graphic Design and Web Design

  • Digital Photography and Camerawork

  • The Music Business

  • Filming and Editing

  • Script Writing

  • CGI Animation

Offering fun, educational and hands-on training for young people. Enabling them to gain key employment skills within a professional and safe environment. Each course has been developed by collaborating with industry professionals and young people to create an engaging curriculum ensuring our courses are fully subscribed and each subject stays interesting over the 12-36 week duration.


Courses are delivered over a 12-week term throughout the academic year or during school holidays. Classes are 1 day per week and students can attend more than one course per term. All students will partake in a taster day, to ensure they enter courses at the right level best suiting their knowledge and experience. Each of our 12-week courses has 3 levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced, enabling learners to progress onto higher levels of learning.


Three fun-filled ready-to-go projects for groups of 6-10 young people that we feel will appeal to your youth group. Participants will leave with transferable skills and a greater understanding of the music industry. Each project is delivered over a  period of five weeks with sessions one day per week. All participants gain not only practical skills but also the opportunity to produce a commercial piece of work including but also help to develop their professional bio’s, their social media profiles and commercial cv. 


An introduction to the world of DJing with practical training in radio production, brand marketing and presenting. Teaching students how to produce and record a DJMix/Demo which can be played for friends and family but most importantly professional for presenters, artists and bookers plus more.


An introduction to producing a 2 – 5 track EP to be released by OTTV will all proceeds going to the charity and the featured artist. This new and commercial style project will take the organisation and artist  through each step of releasing a commercial project, shooting a video, and campaigns to show them how to produce an EP themselves.


Developing the next generation of aspiring young Radio Presenters, Producers, Editors and more by working alongside OTTV and a local community radio station. Taking groups of young people through to process of creating a radio show and how it’s actually broadcasted live on air.

Music Technology NCFE Level 2

In conjunction with Playback Studio this free professional music production course teaches audio recording, mixing and editing within music production. Learn sound effect techniques and microphone use in modern music recording. Taught by industry professionals with one to one support including information, advice and mentoring.

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